28-inch trolley handle is made of what material

- May 22, 2018-

Handle: luggage trolley are usually equipped with handles. The handles are mainly used to lift the rod case. Since the luggage is generally loaded, the 28-inch luggage trolley is generally heavy. Therefore, the firmness and comfort of the handle are particularly important. . At present, the handle of the luggage trolley is generally a hard handle. The Soft Luggage Bags firmness of the handle is relatively high, but the hand feeling is poor when lifting heavy objects; the other is a soft resin handle, and the handle is in The resin material is added to the place where the hand is touched, so that the hand feels good and the hand does not feel good while taking care of the firmness.

Trolley is normal, unless you want to rebar. World famous brand luggage trolley have such problems.

1.The Spring button connected between lever and lever.

2.The Large trolley tube sets of small trolley Soft Luggage Bags tube, the middle of the natural gap, otherwise the two trolley tube is too tight to pull out. There is a plastic ring sleeve on the connection between the inner trolley and the spring, which also plays a stabilizing role. Therefore, it is normal for the lever to be shaken within a certain range.