A Best Soft Luggage Requests Five Conditions

- Jan 07, 2018-

First, caster

Many branded soft luggage are equipped with a caster, you can push during transportation, for the use of relatively more convenient wheels, compared to two wheel luggage which can only slip, Try to understand whether the soft luggage wheels rotate flexibly, and should try to buy a soft luggage with bearing wheels.

Second, internal structure

Whether there are clear layers inside the soft luggage, such as wet and dry layers, folding clothes bags, hanging zipper bags, file storage, laptop bags and other areas, we can select the range of obvious products according to our needs.

Third, trolley

The trolley is just as important as the wheels, and if the trolley is out of touch on the journey, it is enough bad. Nowadays the big  soft luggage brands mainly use aluminum and other lightweight and durable materials, some products also have a 360 degree rotating handle design.

Four, password lock

Password lock is in a variety of forms, in addition to fixed password lock, to ensure the security of the contents of the package. In addition, when you go to buy an external security lock, you can choose TSA  soft luggage password lock, airport security personnel can use special tools to open the type of password lock without causing damage to the lock.

Five, protectiveness

Waterproof, anti-vibration, anti-scratch, anti-fouling ... ... high-end soft luggage is more and more like Transformers. For frequent users of foreign or long-distance travel, during the purchase of large size bags, it is recommended to buy excellent anti-collision products, you know, soft luggage in the shipping process, it’s often subject to brutal treatment, in order to keep the items inside the bag intact, Hard trolley case is preferred. For short trips, the anti-pollution waterproof soft luggage is more appropriate, in addition to small size, can carry the aircraft, free shipping trouble, such bags can also add an external computer bag, and the use is also very convenient.