Advantages and disadvantages of carry on luggage

- Apr 21, 2020-

When we are about to buy a luggage, we will usually face the question, choose a carry on luggage or backpack. Below are the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of carry-on luggage

Wheeled luggage is probably the most traditional luggage, we are all familiar with it. Rolling carry on luggage works well because the rectangular shape means you can get the most benefit from every cubic inch allowed. Compared to organizing your backpack, traveling makes it easier to keep your things organized and find what you need.

Disadvantages of carry-on luggage

Although there is a reason why wheeled carry-on suitcases are popular, they also have their own shortcomings. One hand is always occupied by a suitcase, which makes carrying things such as food at the airport boring. Carrying wheeled luggage is also more difficult to climb stairs and along cobblestoned streets, both of which are common in Europe.