Advantages and disadvantages of hard suitcase

- Jan 03, 2020-

When we are going to buy a suitcase for travel, we usually face a question, to buy a hard suitcase or a soft suitcase. below are the advantages and disadvantages of hard suitcase, which may give an obvious answer to your concerns.

Main advantages

Lightweight and sturdy construction. Generally, on the latest ultra-lightweight hard suitcases, the strength / weight ratio is better.

Better security – hard shell reduces theft caused by cutting through the box (or adding items to the outer pocket)

Largest packing space. Thanks to the thin plastic shell structure, you can get the biggest packing space inside because it won't fold the space to the fabric and lining.

The hard shell protects your items, which is very durable and flexible, and if you drop the case, it provides better impact resistance, so it can better protect the fragile items inside.

Major disadvantages

Space when the hard suitcase is opened-This is the main space, and when opened, they take up twice as much space as a soft suitcase. To pack or unpack, or even just slide the jacket into the suitcase, you need to open and lay the suitcase flat because it is separated in the middle. In most cases, hotel rooms are small and it can be difficult to negotiate to open or close a medium or large suitcase every day. If you are carrying a hard suitcase, no matter how short your stay, you need to be prepared to fully open the suitcase at your destination.

Rigid suitcases rarely have extensions, unlike the soft suitcase that usually has an expandable layer.

4 wheels-this is also a benefit but if you are traveling where you pull your suitcase across the terrain or pebbles of the rugged terrain, a hardsided 4-wheeled suitcase can be more difficult to manage.

Hard suitcse may be less car friendly, especially if you are traveling in pairs with several hard stuicases or more. Consider whether you want to get in or out of a taxi or rent a car on the go, make sure your suitcase is right for you!