Advantages & Disadvantages Of Soft Luggage

- May 19, 2018-

Advantages of Soft Luggage

  • More organised packing system – soft luggage usually has a more organised packing system with additional pockets and external pockets for fast & easy access while in transit. It is easier and more convenient to travel with a soft luggage through airports, train & bus stations and cities/provinces as you can simply put your tickets and bottle of water or even umbrella in the external pocket. The soft luggage is more likely to save the storing space, it's unlike the hard luggage which is stiff. Besides, it often has an expander compartment that allows 2 inch higher packing space, that means you can pack more things. A soft luggage is more durable being under checked in the airline, some airline crew treat the luggage brutally.

  • last but not least, often soft luggage is easier to be packed into car boots depending on the shape and how heavy it is.

Disadvantage of Soft Luggage

  • Unlike the hard luggage, the lighter a soft luggage is the more delicate it might be as it is likely made from less heavy duty fabrics or it will have weak features.

  • Less security, the thieves will be able to cut through the zippers(this can be sorted out with a double zip soft luggage) or fabric to break into the luggage, what's more, the others can put some items like drugs into the external pockets without your knowledge

  • Less protection for the items inside, a hard luggage will absorb the impact from bumps and knocks, a soft luggage can't do that more.

  • Fabric is easy to get dirty, and difficut to clean, comparing to a hard luggage, hard luggage can be simply clean with a wet cloth.