common sense of purchase for luggage bag size and weight

- Sep 12, 2019-

1. Luggage bag size and weight

Generally speaking, student tickets to the United States can have at least one boarding and two shipping boxes. The size of the boarding case is: the sum of the length, width and height is no more than 115cm (there is generally no problem within 120cm); generally, the weight is not limited. The size of the shipping box is: the sum of the length, width and height is not more than 158cm; the weight is: the weight of each box is controlled below 23kg (including the weight of the box), and some airlines, such as the northwest, are 32kg.

2. Luggage type

The 158cm box is usually a 30-inch suitcase or a 30-inch trolley; we usually choose a 30-inch suitcase because it is easy to carry. The 115cm box is generally a 20-inch trolley case.

3. The inner box of the suitcase

In general, there are two types of inner plates for trolley cases: steel plates and IPS plates (or other plastic or composite plates). The quality of the steel plate is the best, but the box is also the heaviest; the IPS board material is also available, but it is easy to break. It is recommended to buy a suitcase with built-in steel plate, which is not easy to break. Note: It is not the lighter the box, the lighter the suitcase is easy to break. Because of the material problem, don't worry about the 0.5kg. Of course, it doesn't matter if you board the case.

4. The rear wheel of the suitcase

This is a very critical part: the products produced by many manufacturers, the rear wheel is exposed, it is easy to be damaged by the road. In general, the semi-packaged rear wheel protects the box and is more durable, but at a more expensive price.

5. Luggage fabric

The effective maintenance methods for fabrics and bags of different materials are different, and the price is different. When choosing a box, not only look at the style and price, but also consider the durability. ABS box is heat resistant, scratch resistant and impact resistant, suitable for long-distance travel. The PP box is resistant to high temperatures and light weight, making it suitable for long-distance travel. The EVA box is mainly light in weight and good in toughness, and is suitable for short-distance travel.

6. Other

Whether the handle is comfortable or not. Whether the lock group is flexible. Whether the drawbar is intact and smooth. The quality of the lining is good, the hand feels smooth and it is not easy to tear.