Common materials and performance comparison of laptop computer bags

- Jul 03, 2018-

Generally, the raw materials of the fabric used on the laptop computer bag are mostly nylon (nylon) and polyester (polyester). Occasionally, there are two kinds of materials mixed together. Nylon and polyester (also called polyethylene) are both materials. The oil extracted from the oil is better than the polyester, and it is certainly more expensive. In terms of performance. Nylon is softer.

Polyester is a polyester chip obtained by polymerizing N pairs of stearic acid and oxalic acid, and is formed by melt spinning to form poy. Polyester yarn formed by post-production process. The most prominent feature is good shape retention. Wearing polyester clothes is crisp and wrinkle-free. It looks special and fit. After washing, he did not need to iron and was flat as usual. Polyester is widely used, and polyester is usually used with wool and cotton. The silk is blended, and all kinds of polyester cotton, polyester wool, polyester yarn and polyester-viscous fabrics and garments on the market are products.

Polyester fabric performance

1. Good anti-wrinkle and heat preservation.

2. High strength, easy to wash quickly.

3. Good heat resistance.

4. Good stability against sunlight.

5. Strong wear resistance.

6. Chemical properties are relatively stable.

7. Antibacterial and microbial effects.

Nylon, also known as nylon, is made from the polymerization of beta-lactam. His abrasion resistance is among the champions of all natural and chemical fibers, and in many textiles, nylon is blended. Improve wear resistance. Nylon is the world's first synthetic fiber variety.

Nylon fabric performance

1. Good wear resistance.

2. High strength.

3. High elastic recovery and good fatigue resistance.

4. Good moisture absorption performance.

5. It has the characteristics of light weight.

6. Good alkali resistance.