Teach you how to buy a suitable luggage

- Oct 09, 2017-

The emergence of luggage brings people great convenience, but also gives us a more efficient quality of life. In life and journey, luggage is playing a vital role. Trolley luggage bags covered with airline labels that are the so-called special airline boarding cabin case, which is not only a evidence of travel experience, but also makes this trolley luggage full of the taste of the journey, so that the trolley luggage becomes an essential member of the journey, and has become travelers’ consensus.

So what do we need to pay attention to when we buy a luggage?

If you want to carry the luggage on plane with you, then you need to choose a 20-inch or even smaller luggage, 28-inch and below can enjoy free airline shipping services.

If you go abroad, try to choose a luggage with TSA customs lock design, because during the customs inspection, Customs will use the customs dedicated TSA key to open the luggage to check, if the luggage is without TSA customs lock, you should open the password lock before customs inspection, otherwise Customs will force to break the lock to check. You can buy a separate TSA customs lock for the luggage without TSA customs lock design. (This is only for going abroad)

During purchase of the luggage we can not only consider the style and brand, but also consider the material of the luggage, size and style, if we can buy a 20-inch as possible we don’t buy 24-inch, because the smaller the luggage, the more convenient to carry, while the price of the luggage is also low. But of course, if you have a lot of baggage that 20-inch can not load then you have to buy bigger one such as 24-inch, 28-inch or even 32-inch luggage, and this should be varied from person to person.

It is better to buy a luggage with an external pocket, because sometimes you need to take out belongings such as tissue, water, umbrella to use, if the luggage is without external pockets, every time you need to open the luggage to take out such things, which is very troublesome. Therefore if the luggage is configured with 1 ~ 2 external pockets, you can get the belongings simply by pulling down the zipper.