FAQs About Carry-On Luggage

- Apr 26, 2018-

1, What is carry on luggage?

Carry-on luggage is any luggage bag you bring with you on the airplane. It stays with you, as opposed to checked luggage, which goes in the cargo area of the plane. Carry-on luggage is sometimes referred to as cabin luggage or cabin case or hand luggage, depending on what country you’re from and what airline you are flying with.

2, What size is carry on luggage?

This it not an easy question to answer because carry-on luggage size varies from airline to airline, and country to country. So if you’re trying to determine what size luggage is carry on, you’ll need to look at the airline you’re flying with.

3, What is international carry on size?

Same situation, there is no official international carry on size. Occasionally you’ll find an airline with different carry on rules for international flights vs domestic flights, but the actual size allowed still depends on the airline you are flying with. If you will be flying with multiple airlines, which often happens with connecting flights on an international itinerary, you’d better check the carry-on size allowances for each airline you will be flying with and go by the most restrictive/smallest carry-on size allowed.