Filling Principals Of Travel Rucksacks

- Apr 20, 2018-

For travel rucksacks, poor filling will affect the convenience and comfort of using, or cause center of gravity shift and damage to the travel rucksacks. Therefore, when loading the travel rucksacks in addition to categorizing the items according to the use, pay attention to two points: The first is left and right sides are balanced and center of gravity is stable; second is easy access. The filling principles are: 

 1, Put the heavier items on the upper side and as close as possible to the back side, which can focus the center of gravity on the back so as to avoid the feeling of being pulled back. Those large volume but light weight items can be placed in the bottom, so as not to affect the center of gravity; the other is because of heavy pressure on the above the travel rucksacks will be more compact after being used for a period of time.

 2, Do not put the hard objects on the back site, otherwise it will directly stand against the back and cause discomforts, or even hurt the back in case of falling down, or because there is only a layer of travel rucksacks fabric in between of the hard objects and the back frame, it is easy to wear the fabric of the travel rucksacks.  

 3, The weight of the items placed on the left and right side of the travel rucksacks should be equivalent, so as not to shift the center of gravity. Raincoats, drinking water and what should be used on the day should be placed on the top or easy access place.

4, Keep a concept of using goods classification bags: put the same category items or items needed to be used at the same time in the same bag for easy access, and even more for scattered little things.

5, Cultivate the habit of putting things in fixed-places: in this way not only finish organizing the travel rucksacks is faster, but can also take out what you want in the dark environment.   

6, Try to change the way of filling, minimize the unnecessary outside hangings on the travel rucksacks, such items don’t look good but will also affect the safety of movements.