Gift backpacks customizable minefields to avoid

- Oct 31, 2019-

1. Avoid herd

The custom gift backpack is to deepen the impression of the recipient to the gift giver. Therefore, when choosing a custom style for the backpack, be sure to avoid the crowd. Don’t choose a backpack plus the corporate logo. It’s better. The method is to combine the characteristics of the enterprise, culture, etc., and seek professional packaging design manufacturers to carry out exclusive customization. Such gift backpacks are truly unique. To a certain extent, they are also representative of corporate culture. Such gift backpacks are also more distinctive to customers. Can enhance the customer's impression of themselves.

2. To avoid the grade is too low or too high

The gift is sent out, but it directly represents the external image of the giver. If the grade is too low, the direct influence is the impression of the recipient, and even the feeling of being lightened. However, if the grade is too high, there is a bribe. Suspicion, therefore, when the gift backpack is selected, the average customer's gift grade is higher in the middle. If it is some VIP customers, the gift value is better in the high grade.

3. To avoid a single style

Although the bag style is mostly neutral, but as a gift, it is necessary to pay attention to distinguish between men and women, so that when the package is delivered to the recipient, it will be more targeted and play a better gift. The effect is to better maintain the friendship between the two sides.