How good is the trolley luggage for boys to buy?

- Jan 28, 2019-

It is better to buy a 20-inch trolley luggage for 3 days or so, and buy a 22-24 inch trolley luggage for 3-7 days. The 24-inch trolley luggage is best for business trips within a week and is the most popular size. 5-10 days or short-distance shopping tour (shopping in Hong Kong and other places to buy 26-inch trolley luggage is actually a very practical size of 26 inches, such a trolley luggage because it can not support, so 26-inch trolley luggage is very suitable in the actual use process, not big It’s not small, just put all kinds of sundries on it.)

Men's business trips generally carry computers, change clothes and daily necessities, and they don't have as many items as girls. Therefore, it is good to use a 20-24 trolley luggage for business trips, but many men generally use 20-inch trolley luggage. Easy to board the aircraft.