How important is the quotation link in the customized backpack

- Jun 26, 2019-

The quotation of the backpack is divided into two parts, one is the cost of raw materials, and the other is the labor cost. The manufacturers who often do backpacks are still very good in terms of labor. The most difficult thing is the cost of raw materials. We will explain this issue in detail today.

The reason for the calculation of raw material cost is generally for customers who have their own model. As a buyer, the customer certainly hopes that the backpack manufacturer can give the quotation at the first time, but as a senior backpack manufacturer, we feel that the manufacturer who quotes at a glance The points are all reported, of course, if it is a frequently used material, basically you can guess something, but face unfamiliar materials? The quotation is very slow, mainly the following aspects need to be resolved.

Generally, the types of materials used in backpacks are not the same. We use the main materials, accessories, hardware, and packaging to get started. The first step is to calculate the amount of materials, and then take the sample to find the fabric, lining, and then It is other auxiliary materials. This accessory material plays a supporting role as its name suggests. For example, the backpack will use some ingredients to make sewing in the production process, which plays an embellishment role. We all have to calculate the price one by one.

When looking for hardware materials, it is a little harder, because it is better to find the same one, but sometimes it is not necessary to find a day. This situation can only be found similarly. Some hardware looks the same, actually Very different, in case the purchase is wrong, or the price is wrong, it is a loss.

The packaging materials are relatively simple, just a few, and the price is better.

Therefore, when the customer sends the sample to the manufacturer, it is best to reserve the product for one or two days. Otherwise, the price quoted is not allowed. It is high, afraid to scare away the customer, and is afraid of losing money. In these respects, I hope buyers can understand.