How to be wary of low price traps in luggage customization?

- Oct 11, 2019-

1. The luggage is customized, the material is very important

The main use group of the school bag is the students, the things used by the children, the quality requirements of the products are strict, the school bags can directly contact the children, for their health, the custom school bags must use non-toxic, no smell and meet The material of relevant environmental standards, and the price of such materials is usually not very low, and then the labor cost, pattern printing cost, freight, taxes, etc., the final price will not be very low, so for those custom prices More than a dozen bags, everyone should think about it, why the price will be so cheap, is it a problem with materials, workmanship, etc., so as not to customize the products with very poor quality, and smash their own signs.

2. The luggage is customized, choose the reliable manufacturer

For the choice of custom-made bags, many people start looking for manufacturers, the first reaction is to search for relevant information on the Internet, and the information in the network is ever-changing, true and false, the customization party should pay attention to distinguish between true and false, in many information. Find a few reliable manufacturers, and then go to the field to inspect, seeing is believing, comprehensively determine the true strength of the manufacturer, do not be greedy and cheap, manufacturers say that you can do more cheap bags, you can directly believe that it is true, it is better to see after the quality of the relevant products and the strength of the manufacturer, it is decided to avoid being deceived.

3. The luggage is customized, the logo technology should be cautious

The unified custom school bag is to play the main propaganda effect, but there are many technologies for printing logo on the package, such as imprinting, silk screen printing, embroidery, laser, etc., which are commonly used for logo printing in time, and these logo technologies are the difference in printing process, the price difference is relatively large, and the same kind of logo printing technology, because the color of the logo will also lead to price differences, specifically have to communicate with the manufacturer.