How to check if the luggage is damaged?

- Aug 12, 2018-

1. Check whether the surface of the luggage is smooth and free of scratches.

2. Check if the corners of the luggage are smooth and not rough. If there is an aluminum alloy wrap angle, check if the luggage is firm.

3. Take the luggage and take a few steps to see if the bottom wheel is flexible, the steering ability is not strong, the quality of the wheel is very important, you should choose multiple rows of wheels and rubber wheels.

4. Press the button, pull out the lever to see if it is freely retractable, the function is intact.

5. If it is a Hard luggage you can put the luggage flat, put a heavy object on the luggage, you can also stand on the luggage yourself, the quality of the luggage is absolutely no problem.

6. The most important thing is to check the performance of the lock. If there is a password lock, you can try to adjust a password at will, but it should be noted that when you officially adjust the password, you must choose a number that is easy to remember and not easy to forget.

7. The luggage is easy to damage when used is the handle, drawbar and walking wheel. Many people may have experienced this experience, that is, the luggage can still be used for a long time, but the handle is broken, causing the whole luggage to be scrapped. Therefore, when selecting a luggage, you must pay special attention to the quality of the handle.

8. Most of the handles of the luggage are made of plastic. When selecting, the quality of the plastic should be checked. Under normal circumstances, the plastic with good quality has certain plasticity. The plastic with poor quality is hard and brittle, and it is easy to break during use. Nylon Laptop Trolley Flight Pilot Bag on Wheels Best Waterproof 14 Inch for Airline, anti-vibration, anti-scratch, anti-fouling...

9. High-end luggage is more and more like Transformers. For users who frequently travel overseas or travel long distances, it is recommended to purchase products with excellent anti-collision effects when purchasing large-size luggage bags. It is important to know that the luggage bags are in the process of consignment. It is often treated rudely. If the items in the luggage bag are intact, hard bags are preferred.

10. For short-distance travel, anti-fouling, waterproof soft luggage is more suitable, in addition to small size, can carry the plane with you, so as to avoid the trouble of shipping, this kind of luggage can also be equipped with an external computer bag, the use is also very Convenience.

11. In addition to the large variety of specifications, the luggage on the market have also abandoned the original square and angular features in the design, and introduced a streamlined shape. The color is also only burgundy and dark gray. On the basis of several dark greens, boldly accepted the prevailing twilight of red, blue, yellow, green, pink, and apple green. Everyone has a different aesthetic, and can choose according to their own preferences when purchasing. A suitcase that you like, will also bring a beautiful mood to the journey.