How to check the quality of the luggage trolley

- Aug 31, 2018-

1. Look at the appearance: Hard luggage trolley can be moisture-proof, soft luggage trolley is much more easier to get moisture than hard travel luggage.

The material used for the hard luggage trolley is plastic molding, and the material of the soft luggage trolley is fabric or leather. Some consumers judge the appearance of the hard luggage trolley more firmly than the soft luggage trolley. The merchant reminds the consumer that the performance of the hard luggage trolley is moisture-proof and pressure-proof. Strong, can withstand more external impacts, if you carry items that are afraid of squeezing and shocking, you can choose a hard luggage trolley, while the soft luggage trolley is characterized by the light weight of the luggage trolley itself, and the luggage trolley has a certain degree of expansion, with the same specifications of hard luggage trolley Compared with the luggage trolley, more items can be loaded. Generally, passengers can choose soft luggage trolley when carrying food and clothing. If you look at the appearance, the soft luggage trolley mainly checks whether the stitches are even, whether there are empty needles or missing needles, and the hard luggage trolley mainly observes the travel suitcase. Is there a crack or the like?

2. Look at the trolley: to be able to withstand a certain strength

When selecting the luggage trolley, the consumer should first look at whether the trolley fixed on the luggage trolley is firm. In addition, from the material, the trolley is generally divided into steel and aluminum alloy, and the strength of the steel will be higher, but the consumer may More difficult to distinguish. Judging whether the strength of the trolley is smooth or not in the twitching, you can also check whether the plating of the trolley has pitting. If there is pitting, it indicates that the manufacturing process is rough. In addition, the zipper, locks, etc. of the luggage trolley, the zipper must be pulled a few times to see if the pull is smooth, whether the zipper has missing teeth and so on. The lock mainly checks whether the dial of the combination lock is flexible.

3. Look at the roller: the pulley with the bearing is more reliable

The rear wheel of the luggage trolley is a very critical part. If the rear wheel is exposed, it is easily damaged by the road. Merchants remind consumers that the semi-packaged rear wheel is generally more durable. When inspecting the wheel, first check to see if it is strong and whether the left and right wheels are shaking. Then put the luggage trolley on the ground and pull it back and forth to see if the wheel is rolling smoothly and there is no noise. Also look at the surface of the wheel is shiny, generally shiny is made of raw materials, while the surface of the wheel is not shiny, and some rough is made of recycled materials, such wheels are slightly worse in quality.