How To Choose A Good Suitcase?

- Jun 10, 2018-

How To Choose A Good Suitcase?

For some users who often need to go out, buying a good suitcase can make our trip colorful, no longer worry about the middle of the trolley, wheels or other quality problems, Ginza suitcase has a built-in lever, use The pusher Hardsided suitcase can be pulled out longitudinally by just pressing the button. It can be pulled like a suitcase cart, which is light and labor-saving.

So how do we choose a good suitcase?

First of all, when shopping a suitcase, we can choose according to the size we need. If it is a short-distance travel for a few days, you can choose a 20-inch or 24 inch suitcase for business trip.

Second, you can check whether the surface of the Ginza suitcase shell is smooth, scratched, and whether the corners are smooth or rough. If there are aluminum alloy wrap angles, check whether the aluminum alloy wrap angle is tight or not. You can pull the suitcase to walk a distance to see if the bottom wheel is flexible and ABS PC suitcase the steering ability is good. The trolley wheel is the most frictional part. It is very important to check the quality of a suitcase. How good the wheel is is, you should choose multiple wheels or Rubber wheel. Then press the button and pull out the lever to see if it fits well. If you are purchasing a hard suitcase, put the suitcase flat and stand on the suitcase to try it out. If the case quality is acceptable, the loading capacity is absolutely free of problems.

If it is a suitcase, it is necessary to check if the zipper is flexible, not stuck, and whether the code lock is normally available, and a password test can be set and debugged at will.

Finally, check for warranty cards (important).