How to choose a school bag

- Sep 03, 2020-

How to choose a backpack for school? Following are some tips.

1. Consider size and pocket. Determine what size objects and how much books to bring to school. Also consider what kind of pockets you will need. College students will have different needs from first-grsde students. Some things to remember include:

Do you need a laptop compartment?

Do you need a place for lunch?

Do you need a place to put pens, keys or other small objects?

Do you want a bottle holder or a cell phone bag?

How many binders, notebooks and books do you need to carry at once?

2. Choose a fabric. The fabric of the backpack will determine its weight, breathability and durability.

The new synthetic fiber will last the longest, but the leather will have more personality.

Synthetic fibers are lighter than leather. If you choose a leather bag, it will be heavier even before you start packing.

Synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon are more resistant to water than natural fibers such as cotton.

Natural fibers like hemp are more environmentally sustainable than synthetic fibers. If you want to have eco-friendly bags, please choose natural fibers.

3. Check the zipper. Take a close look at the closures of the pockets to make sure they are strong and easy to close.

Choose a double-end zipper for the most convenient operation.

Look for durable zippers that will last over time.

4. Support current fashion. Style is an important feature of school backpacks. You will need a backpack that looks good and is similar to the current style.

Printed materials are currently very popular, but solid colors should also be considered, because you will wear this bag every day, and you have to match a lot of clothes.

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