How to choose the right school bag?

- Nov 12, 2019-

 You may want to buy a cheap and stylish school bag and assume that you can replace it if you have any questions. The problem is that after the back-to-school sales season, you may not be able to easily find a good backpack.

Cheap low-quality school bag typically last from weeks to months. This is enough to replace all back-to-school items on the store shelves with holiday seasonal items. If the store continues to carry school bags, then the choice of slender school bags left is usually limited to one or two choices. Limited choices may encounter quality issues and may not be right for your child.

Three things to check

In order to find a quality school bag, Consumer Reports magazine recommends that you view the school bag from the inside out, and note the following:

Avoid stitches that are loose, uneven or careless, and these stitches are easily removed.

Check the edge of the raw fabric that may be loosened or the edge of the worn fabric, and pass the school bag with these shackles through it

Deliver zippers that are publicly exposed to the weather. Instead, choose a zipper with a fabric flap to prevent water and other items from entering the school bag.