How to hang the computer bag on the luggage trolley

- May 20, 2019-

1. Design from the luggage trolley

The luggage trolley is designed to be fitted with a luggage trolley and you can put the computer bag in the bag. This kind of bag is similar to the quality of ordinary washing bag, although it is convenient but the bearing capacity is not high, and it is easy to shake with the movement of the luggage trolley, affecting personal walking.

2. Change from laptop bag

The laptop bag has a storage layer on the back, but now many brands remove the back storage layer, designed as a special sleeve for the tie rod, or directly design a zipper under the storage layer, which can be stored or inserted in the luggage trolley. Take it with you. However, it is noted that both the storage and the insertion lever cannot be operated at the same time, and can only become a storage layer when the lever is not inserted.


3. Computer backpacks and handbags can adapt

In order to make the computer backpack travel with the luggage trolley, the excellent luggage designers added an elastic band to the computer backpack, and the handbag can also adapt. Not only can you travel together, but you can't conflict with storage, and you can adapt to any luggage trolley.

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