How To Organize The Trolley Case?

- Jun 04, 2018-

The general trolley case is divided into two layers, generally placed under a hard weight for the arrangement of space. The top layer of soft clothes and something like that, so that the cover of the trolley case will not collapse, and there is a buffer effect. The bottom layer is uneven due to the presence of trolley, which is obviously not conducive to packing. So the first thing that comes to mind is to use cushioned items to eliminate the bumps at the bottom and put out a flat surface so that it can be packaged in the next step. Keep some soft material at the bottom as a buffer, then stack heavy objects and try to put light objects such as bedding on the upper layer of the Rolling Laptop Case. If the case is not flat, use clothing or something similar to fill it.

How to fold clothes into the trolley case, method steps are as below:

1.The most common clothes

Rolled up and rolled up can be wrinkle-free and takes up little space. However, because of the thickness and size of the clothes, it is difficult to form a flat surface suitable for continued stacking of items after being rolled into a cylindrical shape, and some heavy clothes, such as denim fabrics, are very difficult to roll. So I generally only roll thin T-shirts, single pants, stockings and so on. Of course, if you only have clothes in the trolley case, it will be rolled up without problems.

2.How to fold with a hoodie

Hide the hat and fold it up or down, or the gown is folded three times. It's OK. Anyway, as far as possible, irregular parts such as hats and sleeves should be included in the rules. It is ok for irregularities to fold irregularities into rules. Some people say that after folding up, the clothes are uneven. It does not matter. You can use other clothes to adjust when packing.

3.To a technical content, how to install underwear?

The underwear is very clean, and it should be kept clean when it is worn. Therefore, it is simply combined and the underpants are filled into the cups of the underwear. After finding a clean bag, I was afraid that the underwear could be thrown away in the box and was deformed after being glued. This method does indeed save space and prevent underwear deformation. I'm using underwear here because it's cleaner. Of course, it can also be filled with other small clothes such as cotton socks or cotton pads.

4.How to put the belt?

The belt is obviously not folded. It's easy to break when it's broken. It's stretched out and takes up the place. Then I said to pack it along the trolley case structure. After the clothes are installed, the circle that surrounds the trolley wall is where you put the belt.

5.Big clothes

Not afraid to fold the down jacket on the basis of the principle of folding, easy to wrinkle windbreaker and the like along the 16 Inch Laptop Trolley Case lines fold, like a suit or something, it simply hangs to the top of the trolley case, or into the net compartment of the middle compartment.

6.Cosmetics, skin care products, hanging chain, jewelry

No need for extraneous things to save the point of loading it, two cosmetic bags, one loaded with skin care products, a bit of eye shadow lip gloss, enough for your short-term use.