How To Pick The Best Luggage Between Soft And Hard Shell?

- May 04, 2018-

Whenever you  travel abroad, you will be faced with how to choose your luggage. Some  prefer the "hard-shell suitcases" and the other prefer "soft-shell  luggage". "Is it suitable"? According to the tourism website "Continal", the choice of luggage should be based on the travel itinerary you want to choose.

If you like to  buy art, alcohol, olive oil, and other "frangibles" when you travel  abroad, it is highly recommended that you carry a hard-shell suitcase  because the protection of hard-shell luggage is far greater than that  of soft-shell suitcases. Good, and if you are  carrying a hard shell luggage is also more crashworthy, resistant to  fall, the contents of the inside is less likely to be broken.

If you are a person who  likes to go shopping abroad to scan for goods, it is highly recommended  that you bring a soft-shell luggage. Because the soft-shell luggage is  soft and the weight of the empty box is lighter, it will not eat when  you take the machine. "Limiting the weight" and  soft-shell luggage are also quite suitable as carry-on luggage, mainly  because the soft-shell luggage can be easily stuffed into the locker on  the plane. The hard-shell luggage cannot be inserted easily.