How to repair the common trouble of the trolley case?

- Jul 15, 2019-

1. Drawbar

When the lever can not smoothly expand and contract, avoid brute force or income, forced force will cause the lever to be easily stuck, when the trolley case is stuck, the general user will continue to brute force, this will only make the lever more The more dead the card, the more unusable it is, and the trip is delayed. The correct method should be to add oil or vegetable oil to the joints of the tie rods. After lubrication, this problem is easily solved.

2. Pulley

The pulley is stuck and loose. When the trolley case is dragged, if the pulley feels obviously unsmooth, this time it is also necessary to drop the lubricant to the bearing of the wheel. When the wheel is loose and there is a possibility of falling off, please do not continue to use the damaged wheel to drag, use the other side of the wheel, or walk directly to the box. If possible, tighten the screws on the wheels with the appropriate tools. If the screw is not found, look at the person or store near the site who is not engaged in luggage repair. It is easy to find what you need.

3. The box

When the box is broken, things tend to be worse. If it is a hard case, the damage is only a small break. If it is not serious, you can use some universal glue, AB glue, etc. on the market to repair it yourself. When the soft box is broken, it is necessary to find a repair place for sewing. The trade-off is that the brand box has been repaired by itself, and I am afraid that it can no longer be guaranteed.

4. Zipper

The zipper cracking is also a common problem. According to the capacity of the box, do not excessively exceed the carrying capacity of the box. The bumps in the car or the consignment process can easily cause the overload bag zipper to collapse. If these things happen, you can use the buckle. The needle is temporarily dealt with. Go out with a few pins, just in case.