Let you know the size of the suitcase when you going abroad.

- Jul 11, 2018-

The purchase strategy of the shipping container is as follows:

1. Plane on a US airline: buy two 158 (30 inch) large suitcases;

2. Take a Chinese airline or Korean Air:

a) Purchase two suitcases of 24 inches or so;

b) Purchase a 30-inch large suitcase and a 20-inch small suitcase as a shipping suitcase.

If you are in the chassis, you can usually buy 20 inches suitcase or less. For international aviation aircraft, the 20-inch standard-size suitcase is a luggage compartment that can be plugged into the top of the seat. However, when arriving in the United States to other small cities, there may be small planes that cannot be carried out. But don't be nervous about this, this boarding is not counting the number of your running suitcase & baggage. You can still pull the suitcase to the boarding gate, but before boarding the plane, the flight attendant will ask you to leave the suitcase at the door. Some airport personnel will take the suitcase and put it in the consignment bin. So, don't put your laptop in the chassis. In the past, there were suitcases where the computer placed in the chassis was broken.

Personal Items (Personal Item) We usually bring a Soft Luggage factory notebook bag or a shoulder bag. There is usually no one to check the weight of the bag, so you can buy it a little bigger. As long as you move your back, you will desperately stuff things inside. However, one thing to note is that the backpack is subject to customs inspection. If the customs finds that the inside of the backpack is messy and some things cannot be seen clearly, you need to take things out. If you messed up, take it out hard and put it back more hard. Therefore, the backpack remembers to sort it out and put it neatly.