Luggage Bag Size

- Apr 16, 2018-

Luggage bag is basically quadrilateral, we often hear people asking how much luggage bag size we want when we are buying a luggage bag, 20 inch, 24 inch, or larger or smaller. In fact, normally we do not care much about the luggage bag size of the suitcase, as long as the luggage bag size is enough to put our things. However, once you have to go abroad, you must take into account the size of the luggage bag for boarding, because each airline has its own restrictions on weight, number of pieces, as well as size of the luggage bag. In fact, it’s not appropriate to say size, why? Look at the following.


Common luggage bag size:

18 " luggage bag size: 34cm * 44cm * 20cm

20" luggage bag size: 34cm * 50cm * 20cm

22 " luggage bag size: 36cm * 52cm * 26cm

24" luggage bag size: 48cm * 70cm * 30cm


Airline’s size limitation is usually calculated by the sum of the length, width and height, more limited to 115cm, so when you go abroad as long as the added value of length, width and height of the luggage bag doesn’t not exceed the limitation of that Airline, you can choose the luggage bag size according to your own needs. The general suggestion for luggage bag sizes is 20 inch or below, for example, the sum of 34cm * 44cm * 20cm is 34 + 44 + 20 = 98cm which is smaller than 115cm, then this luggage bag size will not be restricted.