Luggage borrows the Internet to meet the needs of consumers' fashion personality

- Mar 04, 2019-

With the improvement of people's living and consumption levels, luggage has gradually become an indispensable accessory for people to go out. The function of luggage has gradually changed from practicality to decoration, and it has become a fame and fortune. A symbol of status, especially for women. Shopping for bags has gradually become a craze. In recent years, with the fiery and convenient online shopping, online shopping has become a new form of consumer consumption. Zhang Hongli, an industry expert, has been engaged in the luggage industry for many years and has seen the vast market brought by the Internet. He also did not hesitate to push the traditional luggage industry online, and established an online "box" web portal platform.

Zhang Hongli said that the current development of the Internet has clearly become an inevitable trend. The Internet does have certain advantages. As the Internet gradually penetrates into more traditional industries, the luggage industry as a traditional industry should also take the initiative. Act as. What's more, the current market competition is gradually increasing. Compared with the traditional industry, e-commerce, the traditional marketing model does have certain drawbacks, which restricts the better development of the industry. With the advantages of low cost, high efficiency, and all-weather, all-round and zero-distance, e-commerce has indeed brought a new perspective to the traditional industry. Then, as a traditional industry, of course, the benefits are also inevitable.

Zhang Hongli pointed out that by moving traditional bags to the Internet, consumers' needs and hobbies can be better understood. According to the changes in consumer purchase information and taste, it is also possible to analyze the real needs of consumers. Of course, the online platform has also established a good way of connecting between operators and consumers. Consumers provide more reasonable suggestions for the use of the industry according to their own use, and promote the development of the entire industry. Increase consumer trust. The frequency of replacement of bags is also very large. We can recommend products that are more suitable for consumers' tastes according to consumers' past consumption information, reduce the shopping time of consumers, and stay in frequent customers.

At present, more and more luggage companies have joined the network platform to realize the professional consumption platform with luggage. Of course, it has further promoted the competitiveness of the entire platform. In this era of more and more advertised personality, the platform also covers a variety of styles such as simplicity, retro, cartoon, etc., satisfying consumers' fashion and publicity. demand. It is believed that with the rapid development of the Internet, the network marketing platform for “bags” will gradually grow. With the familiarity of more consumers, the new consumer market will be developed in the future.