Luggage Set

- Apr 12, 2018-

Luggage Set

Normally there are 8 sizes ranges for luggage set.

2pcs Luggage Set: 20/24inch, 24/28inch

3pcs Luggage Set: 20/24/28 inch, 18/22/26, 20/28/32inch

4pcs Luggage Set: 20/24/28/32 inch, 16/20/24/28inch, 18/22/26/30inch

Of course, the size ranges for luggage set can be customized, or as per cutomers' preference.

For current customers, below size ranges are common.

3pcs Luggage Set: 20/24/28 inch

4pcs Luggage Set: 20/24/28/32 inch

for both soft and hard case luggage Luggage Set.

And for hard type Luggage Set, 20/24 size range is very common, as size 28 is used not very often.