Method for distinguishing the quality of aluminum-magnesium alloy trolley case

- Aug 17, 2018-

First, look at the gap

A good all-magnesium aluminum alloy trolley case is made of a whole piece of aluminum-magnesium alloy material and is integrally die-casted. There is no gap in the joint part of the back of the case, and the waterproof effect is very good. At present, there are many trolley cases on the market which are made of two-piece or loose-grain aluminum-magnesium alloy. The back gap is covered with other materials. The trolley case of the whole magnesium-aluminum alloy must pay attention to whether the gap of the case part is Covered.

Second, look at the drawbar

The whole magnesium-aluminum alloy case body is also made of Alcoa, and the hand feel is very smooth, and the mute effect is very good. There is generally no sound in the pull-up and push-back, and this effect can be maintained for a long time. Some trolley cases start to pull out very well, but after a long time, this effect is difficult to maintain, and it is more difficult to push back and pull out.

Third, the carrying handle

The design of the carrying handle is a more stressful place for the trolley case. When the carrying handle of the low-end trolley case is lifted up, it will sound when it is automatically retracted because the handle of the traditional trolley case is forcibly pulled back by the spring for a long time. The spring deformation loses the effect of rebound. The handle design of the all-aluminum trolley case is generally designed with a damped rebound design, and the rebound is silent.

Fourth, the surface of the case

The aluminum alloy Trolley Case Laptop is generally silver-gray in color, and other gold, blue, pink, etc., the coloring of the surface of the case is a technical activity. At present, the mainstream coloring technology has two kinds of painting, and the other is oxidation.Painted boxes began to buy very beautiful colors, but it will take a long time to paint off. Oxidation technology is more durable and has a strong ability to resist fading. Basically, there is no fading. Pay attention to the surface of the case when buying the trolley case. If the surface of the case has small particles visible to the naked eye, it is usually painted. Because the paint is uneven or the dust in the paint environment is relatively large, the surface has small particles. The oxidized case is better identified and the surface is flat. There are no small particles visible to the naked eye, and the hand feels very smooth.

Five, the wheel

Generally, the wheels of the trolley case can easily feel bumps during the towing process, and the noise is relatively large. The all-alloy trolley case is generally a two-wheel design, and the towing is relatively stable and stable, and the cushioning effect is better.