Purchase Details of EVA Laptop bag

- Oct 06, 2018-

1. Must match the size of your notebook/lapotp perfectly

In order to avoid the need to exchange books in the laptop bag and improve the security of the notebook/laptop, you must choose a laptop bag of the right size. When choosing the right laptop bag, we don't measure the size of the notebook/laptop. The same size of the screen, different brands, different models, the size difference will be a lot different, so we are all the overall size of the notebook/laptop and The size of the protective space of the laptop bag is a contrast!

2. EVA Flight Wheeled Pilot Case material is very important, toughness is the key

This is the most obvious performance in the low-end package. The notebook/laptop weighs four or five kilograms, and the light weight is two or three kilograms. Therefore, the laptop bag containing the material must first be superior. Otherwise, your laptop bag uses a section. After the time, the line began to appear, the shoulder strap hooks were loose, etc., an accident, the valuable notebook/laptop inside may be fatal.

3. Eva laptop bag waterproof and cushioning is an essential element

What do users really need to buy a laptop for mobile work? What if you have a rainy day or accidentally overturned your drink? If your custom eva laptop bag is a quality product, the inside notebook/Laptops will be safe in the event of an accident.