Structural terms and characteristics of several important parts of the luggage(一)

- Sep 19, 2019-

First, the shoulder strap (hand pull):

The terminology of this part is the same as the common name. The fabric of the shoulder strap is generally made of the "fabric" or "ingredient" of the bag body. The structure is two layers of the front and the back, and a layer of bottoming PVC is adhered in the middle (PVC is divided into two types, one is to do One of the fabrics is for the bottom.) or "skin paper" (skin paper is similar to kraft paper, some cowhide is inside.), the connection between the shoulder strap and the bag is generally "hook" or "Circle" class hardware, hardware hooks generally "coupling" and "spring" are two parts are more likely to be bad, pay attention to when buying luggages! If it is a "iron wire" circle, pay more attention to the interface part of the circle. Some circles are die-cast of "alloy". There is no interface. This kind of hardware is relieved!

Second, the bag mouth zipper:

The zipper is made up of three parts, zipper, pull and pull! The two sides of the zipper are generally made of nylon. The middle of the "zipper teeth" are mainly divided into "glue teeth" and "metal teeth". How to identify the quality of a zipper? First, look at the "zipper teeth" with or without falling off (nuance); second, pull the slider a few times to see if the slider and the zipper are connected smoothly; third, after tightening the zipper, bend a part of the zipper, The strength can be larger, and it is easy to see if there is any crack (zipper) while bending. Fourth, look at the gap between the pull card and the slider. If the gap is large, it will be easy to pull the card. Split with the pull head! Because the card is manually fixed to the slider.

Third, the bag body:

The industry terminology of some parts of the bag body is different from the common name. The fabric of the bag body is called “main material”, and the fabric of the hand and the bag mouth is also called “ingredient”. The front of the bag is called "front frame", the back is called "back frame", the left and right sides are called left and right "side width", the pocket outside the bag body is called "outer pocket", and the inner pocket is called "interpolation bag", and the middle body is in the middle. The pocket is called “segment pocket”, the cover of the pocket is called “covering head”, the buckle connecting the lid to the bag body is called “lizi”, and the two parts connecting the handle and the mouth of the bag are called “ears”. The structure of the bag body is generally three layers, 1, the outer fabric is; 2, the middle layer is the bottom PVC or cardboard, sponge, "light glue", "return glue", "non-woven" and "leather paper", etc. The material can be identified by hand. The harder the texture is the cardboard or the thick PVC. The neutral glue is the back glue, the leather paper or the soft PVC. The softer glue is the light glue. Non-woven or sponge; 3, the innermost layer is the inner lining, and the inner lining is usually made of nylon material (190D, 210D, 240D, etc.) cotton cloth and "satin" (a fabric with silk characteristics) and so on. The left and right sides of the bag are the same as the bag body. The bottom of the bag is generally sticky with a thicker "bottom PVC"!

Fourth, the fabric:

Fabrics: natural leather, PU leather, PVC material, nylon material, canvas, plush fabric and so on.

Natural leather is divided into “top layer skin” and “two layer skin”. The “top layer skin” is made of some complete high quality animal skins, which are used to make high and middle grade fabrics; “two layer skins” are some animals. The bottom layer of the skin and animal skin is processed to make the fabric of the middle and low grade.

PU leather and PVC materials are all artificial leather. The material used for PU leather is better than PVC material. The quality of artificial leather has a great relationship with the production process except for the material. Some artificial leather with very good production process is very expensive. The color, feel and some special effects of the artificial leather depend on the production process! The plush material mainly depends on the real hair or the wool-like one. This can be identified by the hand feeling. The feel of the real hair is like the feeling of touching the cat. The quality of the nylon material and the canvas mainly depends on the "density" of the fabric. People with industry knowledge will identify their good or bad!