Structural terms and characteristics of several important parts of the luggage(二)

- Sep 26, 2019-

Five, hardware:

Hardware is generally divided into two types: "iron wire" and "alloy". How to identify it? It can be done with a magnet, the iron wire can be sucked, and the alloy is not sucked. The hardware of "alloy" material looks more beautiful than the "iron wire" hardware from the process effect, and the hardware of "iron wire" appears rough. "Alloy" is more expensive than "iron wire"! Sometimes "shopping" bought a bag, it didn't take long for the hardware to rust, and the surface cortex began to fall off. This is not the "sealing oil" when the hardware is made. The reason is that the hardware without oil seal is easy to oxidize and rust, and the surface material after the "sealing oil" is not easily oxidized with air.

Sixth, the line (term called "car line"):

The outer part of the bag body is generally 20# (thicker) nylon thread. The inner part is usually 40# (thinner) nylon thread. The inner lining is generally made of cotton thread (604 is thicker and 606 is thinner). ). The color requirements of each part of the car line match the color of the fabric, visually consistent. In the handbag industry, the requirement for the pitch density of the "car line" is "one inch and seven needles". Generally, the high and middle grade bags will strictly follow this standard in production.

Seven, side oil:

The fabric of the bag body, the handle and the "mouth" of the edging are all coated with the "edge oil" (paint) with the same color as the above parts. Some MM may not pay too much attention to this position. (The edge oil is priced at 17-60 yuan/kg according to the quality.) The effect of the good side oil is that it has a smooth feel and a softer color. It is coordinated with the fabric; the poor side oil is the feel of the hand. Rough, the color is darker! The main thing about the side oil is that it is afraid of cracking due to seasonal temperature contrast. In the process of making (paint factory), good side oil requires the process (chemical raw material composition) according to the local climate conditions. Generally, the high and middle grade bags have strict requirements on this part in the production process. If you have low grades, you will not say it!

Compared with the time bags, wallets, briefcases and other products, the production process of the trolley case is more complicated, and there is no one-size-fits-all process. It depends on the construction of the product and the material properties used. In general, the exterior of the trolley case consists of a front panel, a rear panel and three main sections. As for the internal components, the relative is not very complicated. Therefore, when arranging production, it is mainly based on the number of lathes, countertops, hardware assemblers and familiarity of technical skills on the factory production line for reasonable deployment.