Teach You How To Pick Your Own Luggage

- Dec 09, 2017-

How to choose your own luggage? There is a variety of luggage in the market, which makes you confused, then how to choose the right luggage suitcase? Following is the conclusion from a United States editor, according to his years of understanding of the luggage and teaches you how to choose your own luggage.

How to choose your own luggage? As the travel bag is a common tool in people's lives, so the quality of travel bags has been the concern of consumers. In the selection and purchase, we should pay attention to the following:

1, according to individual needs.

Buy a suitable travel bag and we need to see if there is a clear stratification inside, such as dry and wet layers, folding clothes bags, hanging zipper bags, file storage, laptop bags and other compartments.

2, according to personal preferences.

Different fabric gives different volume of the luggage; soft luggage allows more space; and most of the light weight luggage, durable, with nice appearance that is more suitable for short trips. Hard luggage generally has high temperature, wear resistance, impact resistance, waterproof, compression characteristics, due to the hard shell material, you can protect the contents from extrusion and impact, but the disadvantage is the built-in capacity is fixed.

3, to see the handle, trolley and wheels of the luggage.

When consumers want to buy travel bags they focus on checking the wheels, trolley, handle, lock and other vulnerable parts.

4, choose well-known brands and high quality luggage.

The quality of the luggage made by regular manufacturers is better, and the most important thing is that the after-sales is offered and guaranteed, but you should pay attention to the global warranty or lifetime warranty system, in addition, the vast majority of luggage damage in the airline is not responsible for warranty, the user should file a claim with the airline.