The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Carry On Backpacks With Wheels

- May 12, 2018-

Advantages of carry on backpacks with wheels

The carry on backpacks’ structure is usually like rolling carry on luggage, they have backpack straps which can be hidden away at the back compartment when you’re not carrying over shoulder. This provides you the option to either roll it around like a luggage if you don’t want to bear the weight on your back, or wear it as a backpack when you’re walking on cobbled streets, uneven roads or up to stairs, or in the case that your hand is occupied with other stuffs.

Disadvantages of carry on backpacks with wheels

Having a wheeled carry on bag that also functions as a backpack is likely to increase the cost. It won’t fit you as comfortably as a common carry on backpack because the structure needs to be more fixed. You’ll have a harder and flatter surface against your back, so you will easy  feel uncomfortable if it’s wearing for a period of time. Besides, the bag itself will be heavier as well because it has wheels and a more sturdy frame or struture. What’t more you will have slightly less packing space since the wheels and handles have to be placed into the bag, compared to the traditional rolling carry on luggage or backpack.