The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Carry On Suitcases

- May 10, 2018-

Advantages of carry on suitcases

The wheeled suitcase is something we’re all familiar with for travel, it’s the most traditional and common type of suitcase luggage. Rolling carry on suitcase works well and conveniently because the rectangular shape means you get the most out of every cubic inch allowed. It’s also easier to keep your things and travel necessities organized and find what you’re looking for while you’re traveling instead of digging through a carry on backpack. Besides, it’s easy for mobility, saving your strength while carrying along with you.

Disadvantages of carry on suitcases

While wheeled carry on suitcases are popular for one reason, they also have their own disadvantages. Because one hand will always be occupied with the carry on suitcase, making it tedious to carry things like food and other hand carry things at the airport, compared to a backpack. Having a wheeled suitcase is also more difficult to carry up stairs and along cobbled streets or uneven roads, these situations you will encounter often when you are traveling with a suitcase.