The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hard Suitcases

- May 21, 2018-

We are often faced with some questions when choosing either a soft luggage or hard suitcase, while both of them should have their benefits and drawbacks. See below for hard suitcases.

Major advantages

  • Lightweight and strong construction. 

  • Better security – the hard shell reduces the case  theft during the luggage case slitting (or anyone adding something to external pockets such as drugs or something illegal)

  • Big packing space, due to the thin & simple hard shell construction you get maximum packing space inside as space is not given over to folds of fabric and other compartments.

  • Well protection for your belongings, the hard shells are more strong and resilient, if your hard suitcase is dropped it offers better impact resistance and therefore protects fragile items inside the hard suitcases better.

  • One important feature is that the hard suitcases are likely to protect your inside items well during rainy days.

Major disadvantages

  • Space when the suitcase is open, and this is a major one, they take up twice the space than a soft suitcase when it's open. To pack or unpack or even just slip your jacket into your hard suitcase, you need to open the hard suitcase right up and lay it flat due to the middle division. Mostly hotel rooms are short on space and it can be very difficult to negotiate opening and closing a medium or large hard suitcase each day. If you take a hard suitcase be prepared to completely unpack at your destination, no matter how short your stay.

  • Hard suitcases rarely have an expander layer, therefore the packing space is limited.

  • 4 wheels, this is also a benefit, but if you’re travelling somewhere in which you will be pulling your suitcase over rough terrain or cobblestone or uneven streets or roads, the hard 4 wheel suitcases can be harder to manager.

  • Hard suitcases can be less car friendly, especially if you’re travelling in pairs or more with a couple of hard suitcases, they take up much spaces. Consider whether you will be in and out of taxis or hiring a car in your travels and ensure your hard suitcases will fit!