The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Soft Side And Hard Sid Suitcase

- Apr 19, 2018-

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Soft Side And Hard Sid Suitcase

If you are a clean and careful person, then your daily life must be used to sort out your own items, and even travel is no exception. For such matter, the best choice for travel is a practical suitcase. Suitcase is one of the large-capacity tavel bag tools that are more commonly used. Travelling suitcase is generally divided into hard side suitcase and soft side suitcase. Then choose hard side or soft side suitcase to travel?

Soft side suitcase is more common in daily life, the choice of materials are generally fabric or leather made by advantages, the overall weight is relatively light, portable, flexible space is relatively large, you can stuff many items. Easy to squeeze into the suitcase rack, and the seismic capacity of soft side suitcase is relatively strong. The disadvantage is that most of the sides use zipper design, plugging the objects may be more risky of zipper explosion, and the soft side suitcase is relatively more susceptible to extrusion under the impact, having the existence of the risk of extrusion damage. There are a wide variety of soft side suitcases, and you can choose a suitcase set with a travel bag or a travel bag with a wheel and a strap.


Hard side suitcase, the choice of materials are generally aluminum or plastic, the advantage is impact resistance, crashworthiness, can be well protected in the box of fragile, with excellent extensibility, dimensional stability and chemical resistance, and strong waterproof. In harsh weather conditions, do not worry about the flow of rain into the box, if you want to carry the items without squeeze, hard side suitcase is the best choice. The disadvantage compared to the soft side suitcase is that it is relatively heavy, inconvenient to carry, and the elastic space is fixed.


For long-distance travel, quality of the wheel must be good, no matter how uneven the road it is, of course, must be light enough, the space is large enough, so that it is practical enough, and will not be cumbersome for your journey . Whether it is hard side or soft side suitcase, they should have their own advantages and disadvantages, in the choice of suitcase, it's better to combine their own conditions to make decisions, so you revel in the beauty of the trip at the same time, can enjoy convenience the suitcase brings.

In a word, choose a soft side or hard side suitcase, this depends on your own preferences, both soft side and hard side suitcase has its own advantages and disadvantages.