The best soft luggage materials

- Dec 26, 2019-

What are the common materials for soft luggage suitcase? The below are the analysis of materials for soft luggage.

The most popular suitcase fabrics for softsided suitcases and luggage are Ballistic nylon, cordura and polyester. Nylon fabric (ballistic and cordura) is often used in high-quality soft luggage, while polyester is the most popular fabric in the cheapest luggage.

Ballistic nylon is a thick synthetic nylon fabric which is very durable and easy to clean. Its resistance to wear and tear makes the basllistic nylon a popular luggage material.

However on the other hand, ballistic nylon is difficult to dye, so there are fewer color options. Ballistic nylon luggage is usually in black or similar dark colors.

Cordura nylon is another excellent soft luggage fabric. Cordura is best known for its durability and abrasion resistance, tear resistance and abrasion resistance.

Cordura is a bit lighter than ballistic nylon and is easy to dye, which means you can choose from more colors. Cordura also has higher abrasion resistance, but ballistic nylon has higher tear strength.

Polyester is the cheapest material choice. Most luggage suitcase in the lowest price range are made of polyester. Polyester luggage bags may vary in quality but are good value for money.