The choice of suitcases and the drawbacks of soft and hard luggage

- Jul 31, 2018-

1.Hard case

The metal texture of the shell with some futuristic colors, not only good-looking but also against the strong impact of the consignment, strong and high temperature and low temperature will not damage the surface, do not worry about its deformation or crack.

Disadvantages: Although it is much lighter than the traditional hard suitcase, it is still more weighty than the soft luggage.

2.Soft Luggage in stock

The material of the soft material with a concave and convex feel can be very plastic, the volume is also large and small, and the handling is more convenient. If you are afraid of getting dirty in your shipment, you can buy a dust cover at the place where you can buy your suitcase. This type of suitcase is best for traveling abroad, and a luggage can save a lot of weight.

Disadvantages: But the soft suitcase is easy to crush the contents when it is checked.

3.Multi-row wheel and rubber wheel suitcase

Wheels It is highly recommended to choose a multi-row wheel and a rubber wheel suitcase. Among them, the styles of different rows of wheels before and after the multi-row wheel are more stable, and it is not easy to roll things in; the rubber wheel is very soft and lighter, and there is no noise at all.

When the drawbar is pulled up and pushed down, it is fast and divided into several sections. You can also choose the design of the drawbar and the pulley to shrink into the luggage bag. When you check it, the wheel and the tie rod are not easy to be damaged, and it is also convenient in the closet. Collection.

4.Four-sided lock suitcase

Locks Specially recommended for the new four-sided lock suitcase, it is more secure and secure when checked.

Business card holders Many suitcases have omitted the design of the business card holder. The business card holder is still very practical and small details. In case the baggage is lost, it can be easily retrieved.