The difference between PC hard case and aluminum-magnesium alloy hard case

- Sep 03, 2018-

The PC hard case is a luggage case made of PC material. The surface is relatively flexible and rigid, and the cleaning is convenient.

PC hard case features

1. PC high molecular weight resin has high toughness, high strength and elastic coefficient, high impact strength, making PC suitcase absolutely durable;

2. High transparency and free dyeing, flexible conversion makes the travel dress look more attractive, stylish, and bring confidence and excellent travel results;

3. PC material has the characteristics of good pressure and pressure resistance, light weight, easy to clean, no maintenance, etc. The train can sit directly on the train without damaging the contents inside;

The aluminum-magnesium alloy hard case is a luggage case made of aluminum alloy plate, which has good hardness and light weight.

Characteristics of aluminum-magnesium alloy hard case

1. The box body and the tie rod are made of thick aluminum alloy plate, which can withstand high strength torment.

2. Beautiful, environmentally friendly, widely used in high-tech equipment such as stage lighting equipment, medical equipment, audio-visual system multimedia, optoelectronic industry, military transport packaging and military equipment transportation.