The main advantange of a hardside and softside luggage

- May 12, 2020-

Below are the analysis of the main advantage of hardside and softside luggage.

Luggage is always full of fragile or expensive things. The upper part of the rigid suitcase is its rigid frame. This means that due to the hard outer shell, it is difficult to squeeze and press into the luggage case, thereby protecting the valuables inside. A common problem with rigid suitcases is the fear of cracking or rupturing the outer shell.

But the good news is: with new technologies and new materials, it is almost impossible to break the shell through the airport and regular travel.

Another big advantage is weather resistance. Due to the zipper and other small openings, it is not completely waterproof in most cases. However, with a hard leather suitcase, your belongings will be fully protected from rain and moisture.

The same is true when cleaning luggage. Hard materials are usually not easy to clean-just wipe the surface. On the other hand, soft-sided luggage will absorb water and leave stains and odors more easily.

The soft side luggage is made of softer and more flexible materials, which is very suitable for packaging, beyond your plan. It is much easier to stuff more stuff in the soft-sided suitcase.

If you need to pack irregularly shaped items, they are also better than hard edges. The hard shell does not move, but the soft shell has more swing space to help you.

This is also very convenient when stuffing luggage into tight spaces. Soft things are easier to maneuver in overhead trash or luggage racks on trains and buses. Hardside luggage will only take up space and compete with other luggage. Flexibility is not its advantage!

Most soft-edged suitcases also have an expander option, where you can pull a portion of the bag (along the spine) to provide more space. This concise feature is essential for almost all travelers-unless you fully master the packaging and planning skills.