The secret behind the price of the shoulder bag

- May 14, 2019-

1. Price of the customization for school bag is affected by the style.

There are many styles of school bags. Different styles have very different uses and prices. Generally speaking, the simpler the style, the simpler the production process, the shorter the production time, the lower the customization price, and vice versa. a little. If a company wants to customize a school bag with more complete functions, the production process will be more complicated, and the customization price will naturally be higher.

2. The school bag customization price is affected by the material.

Material is an important factor affecting the customization price of the school bag. There are many kinds of materials for making the school bag. The price difference between different materials is very large. Generally speaking, the material of the cloth type does not need to be opened, and the proof can be directly proofed. However, if it is a backpack with EVA material, it is necessary to open the mold when it is made. After the mold is opened, the overall cost of the EVA material backpack is higher than that of the cloth. Moreover, the cloth material is wear-resistant and waterproof. Such performance will also affect the cost, so the company's procurement staff should pay attention to the choice of cost-effective materials according to the budget when customizing the school bag.

3. The customization price of theschool bag is affected by the number of customization.

As the saying goes, small profits but quick turnover, if the number of custom-made backpacks is large, most manufacturers will lower the price. Because the quantity is big, the whole production cost control of the manufacturers is more reasonable, and the waste will be reduced. The production cost is reduced, and the manufacturer's offer will naturally decrease. Moreover, many backpack custom manufacturers have a minimum order for customizing the quantity in order to save costs. If the order quantity does not meet the relevant regulations, the manufacturer will not take orders, so as to avoid losing money.