Zipper, aluminum frame and the deep aluminum frame of the trolley case, which one is better?

- Jul 30, 2018-

The aluminum frame trolley case is the upper and lower parts of the connecting case. It is an aluminum frame. The material of the general aluminum frame trolley case is made of PC material. The trolley case with aluminum frame is relatively solid. Some people use it as a portable chair during the trip. When sitting on the fatigue, do not worry too much about the deformation of the aluminum frame. The structure is simple and easy to process, so the choice of aluminum frame on the market will be more than that of the zipper. The appearance of the aluminum frame trolley case is more in line with the fashionable taste, and the color is rich, especially now there is a color aluminum frame trolley case. However, the production cost is moderately higher than that of the zipper trolley case, and the use space has no capacity for the zipper.

The zipper trolley case refers to a zipper on the upper and lower parts of the connection bag. The material of the zipper trolley case can be cowhide, canvas or PC. In general, the zipper trolley case has more material types than the aluminum frame. The use depends on the quality of the zipper. A better quality zipper will last longer. However, the Cheap Women's Hard Case Luggage Sets No Zipper Small & Large Size has no aluminum frame trolley case that is resistant to dirt, and the color selectivity of the style is relatively small.

In addition, the construction of the zipper trolley case and the aluminum frame trolley case is not a quality difference, but is selected according to people's travel habits. In Europe and the United States, relative zipper boxes are more popular, and aluminum frame boxes are usually more common in luggage brands in Asia.

The deep frame is the deep aluminum frame trolley case, which is different from the ordinary flat frame (aluminum frame) trolley case. Its advantage lies in the fact that the world's luggage market accounts for less than 5% of the market. The complicated workmanship and price determine it. The market is irreplaceable. In addition to the same aluminum alloy support structure in the middle, the deep frame aluminum double U-shaped lock structure makes the aluminum frame upper and lower cover tightly sealed and the lock is not easy to shake, and does not leak the gap. The density and compression resistance of the deep frame are 150% higher than that of the ordinary aluminum frame, and the aluminum content is higher. In the luggage market, the share of the deep frame is less than 5%. Because of the complicated process, ordinary small manufacturers cannot. maded.