Three Standards To Choose A Luggage Suitcase

- Dec 30, 2017-

Standard one-Trolley

After determining the size of the luggage suitcase, we are most concerned about the quality of the luggage suitcase. To see whether the quality is good, there are three main aspects: trolley, wheels, and the material chosen. In the selection of luggage suitcase, firstly, check the trolley fixed on the luggage suitcase is firm or not, and see whether pulling up and pushing down is smooth. If the trolley has push button, check if it’s bouncing back quickly after being pushed down. Secondly, check material of the trolley, whether it’s whole iron or outside iron inside aluminum, or whole aluminum. Of course the best material is whole aluminum which is relatively light, strong and not easy to get deformed, the cost is high too; luggage suitcase that adopts such trolley(for example, Samsonite, WekasiSlazenger) is usually not cheap, therefore, it’s used more on high end luggage suitcase; second is outside iron inside aluminum, that’s outside tube is iron, inside tube is aluminum, which is often used on mid to high end luggage suitcase; as to whole iron, cost is relatively low, which is commonly used on low cost luggage suitcase bags in comparison. Therefore, it is important to grasp this point.


Standard two-Wheels

First check whether it is solid, whether the left and right wheels are shaking. And then carry the luggage suitcase a few steps to see if the bottom wheel is flexible, steering ability is strong, if there is noise or not. The wheels are very important, should choose dual wheels and rubber wheels, due to rude handling on the plane, the wheels are easy to get damaged. Besides, see whether the surface of the wheels is shiny. Generally if the surface is shiny that means they are made of raw materials, if the wheel’s surface is not shiny, and surface is rough, they are made by recycled materials, such wheels are slightly worse in quality. 


Standard three –Fabric

Currently materials that are commonly seen in the market for hard case luggage are ABS, PC, thermoplastic composite materials; for luggage suitcase and travel bags materials are usually Oxford cloth, leather and so on. ABS material luggage is formed at one time by the mold; it looks relatively solid, not easy to get deformation. Defects are: the material is relatively hard and heavy too; and PC material luggage suitcase, the material is relatively soft, weather resistance is good; composite material luggage suitcase is made of fabric and EVA composite tablet that made out by hundreds of processes in the needle sewing. Generally speaking, it is relatively lighter, more powerful in function, bigger in varieties; you can mix with several colors together. Leather luggage suitcase is basically very similar to EVA, but the surface of the luggage suitcase is more convenient for cleaning when it gets dirty, during selection we can refer to the EVA composite material.