Tips For Using The Luggage Bag

- Jan 30, 2018-

1, when we go out, pay attention to the streets and other crowded public places, as far as possible to avoid any scratches that may occur; to avoid exposure and rain, to avoid contact with acid and alkaline substances, corrosive substances, Hard objects touch and friction, so as to avoid deformation of the luggage bag and damage to the luggage bag surface; keep off high temperature items (for plastic luggage bag). Besides, should avoid violent impact, heavy material extrusion, do not spike or scratch case board. Avoid sharp objects such as scratches. In addition: try not to let the luggage bag walk above some rugged road otherwise the abrasion of the wheels will be very serious. 


2, rainy days, the best choice is to bring PP, PVC or ABS hard material luggage bag to travel, soft material taps once wet and try the water with a soft cloth and then place in a cool place and under the sun exposure. For the ABS material of the luggage bag is taboo high temperature, for some fabrics also taboo strong acid and alkali, therefore you must pay attention to the environment. If the ABS and PP material luggage bag gets dirty, you can use a wet cloth soaked in a mild detergent to wipe, and soon you can remove the dirt. But this does not apply to EVA, for EVA luggage bag, you can brush it off with the brush. If the stains expand you can dip the stain into the oil and gently brush it off.


3, when we are using cloth to clean the luggage bag, we should avoid using the detergent which contains bleach ingredients. You can use cold water for cleaning, but please do not carry out ironing, this will burn the epidermis. Another part to clean for the luggage bag is that we should often use the cloth to clean the metal parts, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of fading.