Trolley luggage also needs your gentle care

- Jun 08, 2018-

Traveling around, trolley luggage is a must-have item. Many friends' trolley luggage did not take long to appear with many problems, Hard Sided Luggage Sets and Bags 4 Wheel Aluminum Frame and they complained about the poor quality of the trolley luggage. Actually, it was not because the trolley luggage was of poor quality. , If you do not know how to maintain the trolley luggage, it is also a major cause of damage.

So we have to understand how to maintain the trolley luggage; let our beloved trolley luggage be used longer.

1. When using the trolley luggage, be careful to prevent the environment of high temperature and strong acid and strong alkali, and the high pressure environment will also make your trolley luggage deform.

2. To avoid the knife sharp objects such ABS PC Luggage as scratches, and then hard trolley luggage is also unable to compete with the knife!

3. You can use cold water in the use of cleaning, but please do not iron, this will burn the skin.