Trolley box selection method

- Oct 24, 2019-

Quality of the box

First of all, the trolley case: the drawbar must of course be built-in, and the material must be steel (external drawbars and wheels must not be able to adapt to the barbaric loading and unloading of current flights). The cabinet should have a steel frame, the fabric is preferably rainproof, and the material has a larger graininess. Because it is more wear-resistant, the wheels need to be built in, needless to say, (just say, now a lot The boxes all say that four wheels can be turned, and the checked boxes must not use such wheels. Because they are too much exposed on the outside, they are easy to fall. The material of the wheels is of course rubber. When the ground is pulled, the sound is The smaller the better. Zipping is also very important, but not necessarily the bigger the better, or look at the material and try to pull down the feel. In fact, the box is also very simple, other things are not very important, like the suit bag or the top level, you can see your own preferences.


When purchasing a travel suitcase, consumers should first check the appearance of the cabinet, that is, whether the cabinet is square and the box angle is symmetrical. The box can be erected or placed on the ground to see if the box is on the ground, not skewed, and Check whether the box surface is flat, with or without scratches and cracks. Pay special attention to the four corners of the box (upper and lower) to be symmetrical. Open the box, check the mouth of the box, the mouth of the box should be matched with each other, the gap should be small, the joint should be sewed, the hinge should be flexible, no jamming, and the horse can be buckled, buckled, and opened. It should be firmly adhered, and the textile fabric must not have the phenomenon of jumping and cracking. The handle (mop) is securely mounted and cannot be loosened. The drawbar should be flexible and flexible, and have a certain strength. The telescopic rod and the fixed rod should be matched with the appropriate degree. The expansion should not be too large. After the lock button of the pull rod is pressed, the pull rod should be able to be properly extended. The box wheel should be flexible and it is best to use a wheel with bearings. When checking the box lock, you can combine several sets of numbers to test, open and close normally.

When purchasing a travel soft case, first of all, pay attention to whether the zipper is smooth, whether there is missing teeth or misplacement, whether the stitching stitches are straight, the upper and lower lines should be consistent, no empty needles or jump stitches, and the general corners and corners are easy to have. Jumper. Secondly, it is necessary to see whether there is any disability in the box or the box surface (such as fabric breakage, breakage, splitting, etc.). The inspection methods for accessories such as tie rods, walking wheels and box locks are the same as those for purchasing travel suitcases.

The suitcases are easily damaged when used, such as handles, levers and wheels. Most of the box handles are made of plastic parts. When selecting, the quality of the plastic should be checked. Generally, the plastics with good quality have certain plasticity. The plastics with poor quality are hard and brittle, and they are prone to breakage during use. Most of the box pull rods are retractable. When the lock button is pressed repeatedly, the pull rod should be stretched and stretched several times. The tie rod should be flexible and the matching gap between the fixed rod and the telescopic rod should be moderate, and the expansion should not be too large. When picking the box wheel, the simple way is to put the box upside down, the wheel off the ground, use the wheel to make it idling, the wheel rotation is light and flexible, and the wheel and the axle are not tight, so check one by one. After the wheel, you can drag the box on the ground and drag it back and forth. The whole box feels like no difference.