What are the common hard luggage materials

- Dec 18, 2019-

Hard luggage suitcases are durable and therefore provide the best protection for the contents inside. The most popular hard materials are polycarbonate(PC), aluminum, ABS and polypropylene(PP). Aluminum suitcases rank first in terms of durability and price, followed by polycarbonate, polypropylene and ABS.

Aluminum luggage suitcases have been popular for a while and are a classic choice. It's the most strong hard case luggage despite the fact that it's heavy. However, they are expensive and are increasingly being replaced by other cheaper hard materials such as polycarbonate and ABS.

Polycarbonate(PC)is a molded type of thermoplastic polymer and is a very popular material for hardsided luggage. It is lighter than aluminum but still very durable and offers more style options such as colors and patterns.

Another important advantage of polycarbonate as a luggage material is its impact resistance. When it's under impact, the material bends to absorb the impact and then bends back to its original shape, making the polycarbonate luggage extremely resilient during rough handling.

Polypropylene(PP) is also a thermoplastic polymer and the lightest of all thermoplastic products, making it an ideal material for all light luggage series.

Polypropylene is also very flexible, athough it's not as strong as polycarbonate. For travelers who want to provide good protection in the lightest possible form, polypropylene is an excellent choice.

ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) is a common thermoplastic. ABS is lighter than polycarbonate but not as durable. It's also the cheapest hard material, which means it's popular in cheap hard-sided luggage.

ABS is often added to other more robust luggage materials, such as polycarbonate. The composite material itself is more durable than ABS, but lighter and cheaper than polycarbonate itself.