What are the elements of custom trolley luggage?

- Aug 06, 2018-

Everyone either goes to work, travels or goes out, there usually comes with a trolley luggage. On the streets today, the trolley luggage has gradually joined the ranks and become one of the best companion for daily life and travel. However, since the trolley luggage is a new type of item, it is custom-made. There are choice criteria, what should you pay attention to when customizing a trolley luggage?

1. The material of the trolley luggagetrolley luggage is commonly made of nylon, leather, PU and oxford fabrics. The drawbars of leather fabrics are low in cost performance. They are afraid of grinding and water. PVC trolley luggage is cheaper and waterproofer, but it's not easy to be exposed outside. It's easy to be fragile and crack. Oxford cloth is cost-effective. Generally, waterproof oxford cloth is used. When purchasing an oxford trolley luggage, it is necessary to see whether the fabric is treated with waterproof rubber. In fact, the true meaning of waterproofing means rainproof, preventing the surface layer of the fabric from being wet by water.

2. The drawbar of the trolley luggage. The drawbar of the trolley luggage is made of steel pipe and aluminum alloy. It is made of high-quality alloy material and is resistant to drawing. It is smooth and unobstructed. Please pay attention to the drawbar of the trolley luggage. Do not choose plastic drawbar. The plastic is easy to damage and not durable.

3. The wheel of the Travel Trolley luggage. The wheel of the trolley luggage is dominated by a universal wheel. The general wheels are made of rubber. When purchasing the trolley luggage, look at whether there is a bearing inside the rubber wheel. The good bearing grease is good, the material is good, the noise is good. It is light to the lower, and the rubber wheel configuration is the best.

4. The user of the trolley luggage. The trolley luggage mainly includes a computer trolley bag, a travel trolley luggage and a trolley bag. The trolley computer bag is light, convenient and simple. It can also be transformed into a backpack, which is easier for daily life. It is very suitable for commuting and short-distance travel, but in recent years, the trolley The schoolbag has become a popular among students, designing the trolley bag, so that the shoulders of the students are released. When you feel that the bag is heavy, you can pull it away. The trolley bag is very suitable for the company and the educational institutions to buy custom, for the employees and Students seek benefits.