What are the precautions for the purchase of school bags?

- Mar 25, 2019-

1. Buy a school bag, must pay attention to choose broadband, there are shoulder pads, if there is a weight belt on the school bag, it is better, with a bag of shoulders, shoulder pads, belts, can evenly spread the pressure of the bag, not It will cause excessive damage to the children's back and shoulders.


2. When buying a school bag, pay attention to the school bag pocket and mesh do not too much, otherwise it is easy to be caught by sharp objects, causing danger, to avoid the school bag has too many metal buckles or metal zippers, in addition to excessive metal accessories will increase the weight of the school bag It may also cause damage to the back.


3. The choice of school bags should be selected according to the child's height, should not be too large. Choose the smallest school bag that holds your child's books and stationery. In general, the school bag should not be wider than the child's body; on the back, the bottom of the school bag should not be 10 cm below the child's waist.


4. To check the various parts of the school bag, with more partitions as well. This can not only play the role of sorting textbooks and various stationery, but also make the weight of the school bag even.


5. The back of the school bag is best to have a cushion, the cushion has a pit pattern to help dissipate heat, so that the child will not "sweat" when carrying.


6. Consider the material of the school bag. Choose a school bag made of lightweight nylon or canvas, instead of leather or other heavy materials, reduce the weight of the school bag itself and reduce the weight of the child.