What are the three details of luggage customization that cannot be ignored?

- Nov 05, 2018-

Traveling out on the door and traveling domestically, it is inevitable to use the trolley luggage. The trolley luggage has become a daily necessities in people's lives. People not only pursue the volumetric capacity of the trolley luggage, but also have different perspectives in terms of aesthetics.

In recent years, the luggage trolley customization industry has flourished and is favored by large and medium-sized enterprises. However, the purchase share of customized luggage bags in the enterprise is only part of the procurement of non-main projects, so many of the purchasers of many companies understand what should be paid attention to in customized luggage bags. Although the luggage customization is good, the three details cannot be ignored.

1. Picture inquiry can only be used as a reference

Price is always the sensitive focus of purchasing activities, and one of the most important points for companies to purchase customized luggage bags. However, if the purchaser only uses a picture of the luggage trolley or the design renderings, the price is compared with the manufacturer of the luggage bags. In fact, the price of the product cannot be accurately calculated. The business personnel of the luggage manufacturer can only estimate the price and cannot accurately calculate the price. Therefore, the anxious order business personnel did not dare to take orders directly over the proofing process.

2. Proofing quality represents the strength of luggage manufacturers

The strength of the luggage manufacturers in the design, procurement, production and other aspects of the process are very professional, can produce the customer's desired luggage style, even if the customer provides samples for manufacturing, proofing is basically the same as the original. In the market of luggage materials, two kinds of fabrics, linings and accessories are not easily available. This requires a professional purchasing staff to have a deep understanding of the material channels, and of course, it needs to be well-established. The pattern maker can make good samples.

luggage workshop

3. Reserve sufficient production time and schedule

Luggage bag customization is a process of careful work. To ensure the quality of the products, it is best to find the luggage manufacturers in advance, and reserve enough production time and schedule for the luggage manufacturers. Do not press the delivery time too tightly. If it is not a regular style, the new style must be faced with low productivity during the adaptation of the workers. All processing techniques and procedures need to be established and adapted, including the sudden problems that must be encountered in the new production. It is often said that these problems will lead to errors and continuation of the construction period.